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Doctorate Degree Programs


California Hill University’s Doctorate Degree Program provides the right mix of advanced coursework and research based education enabling you to gain the needed experience and knowledge about the advancements and progress in the various fields. In the first phase, students are equipped with the required skill-set needed for specialized research which is followed by the production of a research paper which is fundamentally used by the evaluation committee to evaluate the doctorate candidates. The outstanding research, as recommended by the evaluators in then published in various research journals all over the world.

Students are provided with advanced research coursework and related training to help them be the best in the business by the end of the program. The rigorous training and assessment ground helps students to excel in their careers later on.

At CHU there are two types of Doctorate Degrees to choose from:

1- Doctorate Degree (Applied) and
2- Doctorate Degree (Research)

Additionally, students can get their previously earned credits transferred to qualify for exemptions that lessen the time taken to earn their degrees.


Students become eligible to apply for California Hill University's Doctorate Degree Program when they hold a Master’s Degree (or equivalent International Education) from a recognized and accredited school or institution.

Students who are willing to pursue their Doctorate Degrees must meet the above mentioned criteria to become eligible for enrollment. For more details, feel free to contact our Admission Counselors


Eligibility Criteria Master''s degree or equiv. international education
Total Credit Hours 54
Total Courses 9
Approx. Program Completion Time Less than 2 year
Depends on your pace - you can even complete in lesser time!
Total Program Fees $18900
(Can be reduced with Scholarship Program)
Career Center: Exceptional Career Services
Career Center at offers resume and cover letter writing services, counseling services and job placement services, worth $1000, free of cost.
Credit Transfer All credits will be accepted.
With the help of credit transfer, you can reduce your fee and time required to complete the degree program.
Student & Alumni Area You will get personalized student & alumni area.
Study Material Provided FREE!
All study material will be available in your online classroom. You needneed not buy any books.
Study Mode Online self paced and self study
Study from your home, office or any other place

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